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Near the town of Bijelo Polje it is possible to canyoning with harness, helmet and rope in the exciting green forest fitted of green trees and a stream water but not only… There are also to explore the incredible tunnels of Novakovica cave!

To start this tour, there are 2 options, depend of the period of year. One is to start with going deeper in dry canyon with a rope and another is taking a pleasant walk near the river and enjoying local villages.

On the way to cave
Entrance of cave

Our exploration of the cave starts with a speleologist guide Zeljko Madzgalj getting down through a narrow hole in the ground below a big stone, then crawling not much deep through a narrow throat we get in a bigger space where is possible to walk and admire the numerous stalactites and stalagmites all over the tunnels. At first look it seems to walk inside the mouth of a huge dinosaur, there are walls where the shape of the rock and the stalactites remind the sharps teeth and other places where is needed to get down in the knee to make the way through the throats. It is very humid and colder than outside and for sure absolutely dark, but we were fully equipped with forehead lamp, helmet, coverall and boots. The temperature in the cave never change, it is constant 8 degrees of Celsius.


The cave is a never stopping work in progress, everywhere there are drops of water going down from above that slowly and inexorably through the time (thousands of years) make the deposit of minerals which come to end up as stalactites and stalagmites and in some cases when they are old enough they can match and meet each other building a column. Along our visit we meet also a lone bat, who scared some of us (read woman part of the group) and fly away who knows where. After we got to the water pool, which was made of the river we left outside, it was time to get back from the same hole where we got inside. There is a legend which says about a treasure hidden by the monks down the cave, we didn’t find it unfortunately, but will you?

Zeljko Madžgalj



Price per person 150€ ( minimum 2 persons)

What is included:

transfer to cave

accompanied person from agency